Saturday, February 15, 2014

Creed's Whiskey in The Jar contributed to the Aquasynthesis Again anthology!

Another release day, and another Underground story in an anthology! My short story contribution, Whiskey in the Jar--once showcased with my Jeff Gerke interview in an old version of about technology being used to simulate a spiritual experience.

Aquasynthesis Again is by Splashdown book authors. Publisher Grace Bridges says, "The FIRST person to grab this ebook and post a review (that shows you've read it!) will get a FREE print copy anywhere in the world! Pass it on!" 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Another Underground release day!

Dusk, a GMO housecat the size of a small mountain lion, flexes his claws in the Underground tale named for him. This is but one contribution to this anthology offering from Seventh Star Press:
Dusk was inspired by Wu, who left us June 13th, but shares his mustache markings and intrepidness:

Friday, December 20, 2013

Spirit of Christmas

“For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.” ~ Carl Sagan

I love Christmas snow. This one had flakes that sank straight from the night sky. Two inches accumulated on tree limbs, and slush splashed from my beater Mazda’s tires. Carols played on the radio, sailing my heart already moved from my holiday shopping trip into town. The back seat rustled with plastic sacks. I was ready for paper, ribbons, and bows, sure that I had nailed Christmas this year.

And then I saw him. A dirty tan coat, toque, and shopping cart forcing its way through the snowy shoulder. He flashed past in my headlights.

I killed the radio as my heart skidded like an ice sailor who’d lost his wind. I’d passed plenty of homeless in my life, but this one called to me. I thought of the sack of burgers on the seat next to me—fast food for the bustling shopping season. He needed a hot meal. I had frozen pizzas at home.

Slowing onto the shoulder, I wheeled around and pulled up in front of him. I dug my cheeseburger out of the bag, but he left his cart and approached the passenger door.

My first instinct was our food would be cold. But we had a microwave, and this man needed to thaw. I cranked the heater as he slammed the door. He didn’t speak, but tired eyes over a sad smile said thank you.
“You looked like you needed this.” I handed him my paper wrapped sandwich.

He nodded and removed wet gloves. With stiff fingers he peeled the burger and took a huge bite. He chewed too little and swallowed too soon. Half was gone in a minute.

Maybe if I got him talking he’d eat slower and actually taste it. “Hey, there’s a hot shower and sofa at my place. You want a roof for the night?”

“Naw, I can’t leave my stuff.”

“Sure.” His things would fit in my trunk, but not the cart. “I’ve always wondered . . . where do homeless folks sleep out in the country? I see you guys along the road.”

“Anywhere. On nights like this you look for clear ground where people won’t throw you out. Leaves are nice.”

He finished the burger and I gave him my fries, unsure what to say next. I studied his shopping cart and saw blankets. “Is that all you have to sleep on?”

“They're good.”

My mind went to the sacks in the back seat. One of them held a cold-weather sleeping bag for my son, Ben.

“Hey, I have a gift for you.”

“Man, this is enough,” he said around a mouthful of fries.

“No, I’ve got something.” I got out and opened the back door. I carried it to his cart and placed it atop his things. By the time I turned he was behind me.

“I don’t know what to say. Thank you.” He took my hand and pumped it. “Thank you so much.” His eyes beamed.

“Happy holidays,” I said, and got back in the car. We waved as I motored off. My smile turned to laughter, and that became tears. Joy streamed down my face.

When I finished sobbing the whole snow-covered world seemed brighter. Even the cloud’s bottoms glowed. I realized I should have thanked him for showing me the true Spirit of Christmas.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Dystopian Cliche: Are The Arts Firing Literary Flare-Guns?

I'm published at Spec Faith today, asking the literary question, "Could it be that the price we have paid for our technology is upon us, we don’t realize it, and the arts are warning us?" READ IT NOW!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Attention Citizen of The Global Oligarchy

In 2011 Forbes published The Four Companies That Control The 147 Companies That Own Everything, so the oligarchy (rule by small group of elites), is old news. The bad news is that your politicians work for lobbyists--not for you--not for national or human interest, not for a dusty oath of office.

You may not have heard of Karen Hudes, but it's a name you should know. She graduated from Yale Law School before working at the WORLD bank for twenty years, and now she's a whistle-blower. You've heard that those with the gold make the rules? Read how the richest people in the world buy governments, and both candidates in political races: World Bank Whistleblower Reveals How The Global Elite Rule The World.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Truly Inspiring

Proverbs 23: 7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he . . . 

Assume for a moment, us old-Earth creationists are right. Can human evolution be sped simply by our ability to reason and understand? The heart "thinks", so scientifically, yes. Take the full half-hour to watch this--it's truly amazing.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

How I Joined Anonymous

Vancouver's Million Mask March went down as a nice peaceful protest, as did most in around 477 cities all over the globe. Only in D.C., in front of the White House, did I hear of any arrests. Vancouver had a powerful sound system that intermittently played music with thoughtful and, in Big Brother's eyes, revolutionary ideas. Mics are allowed at Canadian protests, so folks took turns on an open mic. A grass-roots politician running for Vancouver Mayor addressed the crowd about local issues. A First Nations man dressed as a salmon spoke of coastal open-net salmon farming that threatens the species, and then danced with a little boy of about seven whenever music played. Speakers and performers took the mic through the day with fun and inspiring thoughts.

Wearing a mask at a Canadian protest carries a ten-year jail term, so just the concept of an Anon rally is peaceful resistance. Everyone was pleased that no law enforcement attempted to stop the Guy Fawkes masks or bandannas. No black bloc protesters showed up to smash windows. There are dangers beyond that, however--you really have to watch yourself at protests. There are people who suddenly say "Here," and put something in your hand. If you take it, a picture is snapped--and you find yourself holding drug paraphernalia, and the picture is posted on a Statist blog. So the little bit of drizzle that fell upon us, fell lightly, and it was a great afternoon.

The important thing is that the resistance to Big Brother is here, and growing. As important as that issue is to me and my art, one of the Anons spoke with me about an even more pressing current event. Over 300 tons of water a day have leaked into the Pacific since the Fukishima disaster occurred. Reports from trans-Pacific sailors tell of no surface life where there was once plenty. Mystery sea-life die-offs are occurring, and animals on the North American coast show signs of radiation poisoning. The radiation in Fukishima reactor four is 14,000 times of Hiroshima, and there's a 95% chance of a 7.0 or greater earthquake, that could take the building down, in the next three years--this according to respected Canadian Naturalist, David Suzuki.

Whether it's standing up to the growing global police state while we still can, or seeking clarity about a global disaster that's being covered-up by the powers-that-be, I'm reminded of a Benjamin Franklin quote: "If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately." Now is the time for unity among the 99%, and for business-as-usual to end. Most of Christianity is comfortable in an insulated lifeboat subculture awaiting Christ's return. Most forget the Bible has revolutionary ideas that have to be lived moment-by-moment, where the rubber meets the road. Seek out your closest Anonymous group on Facebook, for more information about living your faith in a growing global community.