Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day 3 CSFF Tour of the Lost Genre Guild: The Grahams

A Frank Review of Adam & Andrea Graham’s Laser & Sword e-Zine:
Day Three of the Guild’s CSSF Blog Tour
by Frank Creed

The Lost Genre Guild Network is still in the planning stages. Podcast fans will have an index of audio files to download and enjoy. I’m hoping that two friends will be in the thick of it. The Grahams have a passion for a serial fiction, a form best showcased in radio broadcasts, before the advent of television. Their passion is apparent not just in the entertaining Laser & Sword magazine, but also in their Podcasts of the Old Time Dragnet Radio Show, available now.

Laser & Sword has features well-written and fun fiction. To date, there are three qualitative and entertaining character-based storylines that run through each issue:

* The Sword, Sword Comics owner Jesse Miller seeks to defeat terrorism by uniting the world’s greatest superheros. Will he learn bad guys masquerade as good guys before the traitor in their midst sends the heroes to their doom?

* Snyder, a juvenile delinquent living in the 78th Year of the Empire, loathes Earth’s dictator while hailing the regime’s American governor as a hero. Getting caught meting out vigilante justice gets him inducted into the Imperial Army under threat of a noose. Can a double agent get Snyder back on the right track? Will Snyder survive to discover his destiny?

*Lastly, Mild Mannered Janitor Dave Johnson discovers an symbiotic alien and this superfan’s dreams of being a superhero come true with hilarious results. One question haunts: can there be such a thing as a good Symbiot, even if he is a silver cylinder rather than black tar?

My favorite character is Snyder, who fights the good fight in a dark future USA, but is such fun to read that the dark is not oppressive. The Grahams even have a wiki database for Snyder fans, and a few Snyder novels. Authors of serial-fiction may submit to Laser & Sword, but one wonders how many authors write in the form anymore.

As this review is my Day Three article for the Lost Genre Guild’s CSSF Blog Tour, I’d like to talk about Adam and Andrea from my own perspective; something I consciously avoid in most reviews. Everyone’s favorite thing about the Guild is our fellowship. Christian authors of spec-fic are commonly isolated, especially when it’s our full-time job. The LGG is a community of coworkers, and we have an awesome Boss.

Adam and Andrea first met in a place that now concerns many Christians, a place where they now present their passions to serve Christ: the Web. Theirs is an amazing love-story that says more about them than I’m able in this brief article.

I first met these founding Guild members during the critique rounds for an almost-award-winning Christian speculative-fiction anthology titled, Light at the Edge of Darkness. From fiction to politics to hobbies, the Grahams live all spheres of their lives glorifying our Boss with everything they have. There’s no better way to learn about authors than from their own bios. These are from the PDF version of Laser & Sword Magazine:

Adam Graham is a multi-talented writer known for his wit and poignancy whether his topic is the fair tax or a speculative fiction piece pondering what if the aliens came and were just like us. His work appears at, the anthology Light at the Edge of Darkness, and in Laser & Sword, of which he is editor in chief. He is also host of the Truth and Hope Report podcast, as well as the Old Time Dragnet Radio Show, and the Old Time Superman Radio Show. He holds a general studies Associate of Arts degree from Flathead Valley Community College with a concentration in Journalism.

Andrea Graham created the universe that Rise of the Judge is set in and provides artistic input to that series and others. In edition to editing for Laser & Sword, she provides advice and book reviews from a Christian worldview at her blog, Her short story, “Frozen Generation,” also featured in Light at the Edge of Darkness, details A. L. Snyder's birth. Andrea studied creative writing and religion at Ashland University. She and Adam are members of several writers’ groups, including ACFW and the Lost Genre Guild.

Andrea and Adam live with their cat Joybell in Boise, Idaho.

It’s my honor to be associated with the Grahams. I wish them and everyone in the Lost Genre Guild, a blessed new year.

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Grace Bridges said...

Yay! Go Grahams :)

Andrea Graham said...

*blushes* oh wow . . .

Thanks, guys! BTW, Laser & Sword proudly brings it's readers the Old Time Superman Radio Show, though Adam's Dragnet show is by far his most successful podcast.

Snyder is definitely a scene-stealer in the Years of the Empire novels--that's how he got his own series in Laser & Sword ;)

Frank Creed said...

You're most welcome, and I do hope this helps Laser and Sword get more subscribers.

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